Culinary Fusion Brew Pub

Head Chef and Owner, Isilfyr Ankafyst, has returned to his roots to the port of Limsa Lominsa. His culinary journey has him merging the tastes of the Near East, Far East and Eorzea into a culinary adventure all its own.

Located in Kugane's residential district: Mist Ward 15, Apt 72 [(BALMUNG)].

© Isilfyr Ankafyst. All rights reserved.


Born in Limsa Lominsa, Isilfyr Ankafyst had the privilege of being immersed in a melting pot. Goods, both familiar and exotic, pulsed throughout the city. The curious, young Sea Wolf immediately took building a reputation with the many merchants whose ships docked into the port city. He was enamored the tales they would tell and aspired to adventure—once, he was well able to but not lacking for enthusiasm.

However, his love for cooking first began at home. Both of his parents had a love for cooking and instilled this early with the Sea Wolf. Isilfyr set out on his own adventures, absorbing as much knowledge that would later become his own, unique path of path. Once that he felt he was ready, he pursued his dream of owning his own tavern!

The Sea Dog's Sway was his dream realized. A place where friends new and old can congregated to enjoy good food and drink. Nothing brought him more joy than seeing the satisfied and the happy faces of his customers. He continued to sail on his culinary journey along the seas of the Far East, and now has finally returned home! He's set up shop in the Mist Ward to return to his roots!


Hanami Dango (Sweet Mochi)
A popular dessert and traditionally served around Cherry tree viewing season, but makes for a lovely dessert. The pink mochi is filled with a mix of sakura and rolanberry paste, the white mochi is filled with custard, and the green ball is filled with green tea paste. Served with sweet red beans.

Hanabi Mizu Shingen (Firework Rain Drop)
A visually fun dessert. Its best attributes are its jiggles. A Hingan dessert that resembles that of a raindrop. This take on the dessert is filled with a mixed fruit medley, giving the appearance of fireworks within the rain drop cake.

Sultana's Delight
A traditional Ul'dahn dessert and a particular favorite of the royal family. Rose flavored starch gel that are cut into cubes, and covered in a liberal coating of powdered sugar.

Thanalan Fig Cookies
A traditional dessert made with Old World Figs. A simple wheat and walnut cookie filled with a fig paste. A perfect accent with milk or tea, or indulged by itself!

Chocolate Whiskey Souffle
A nice twist to an old favorite. A chocolate souffle cake and paired with a high quality Lominsan whiskey to give it an extra layer of flavor. An indulgent dessert with boozy notes!

Chocolate Coconut Cake
A devilishly moist and surprisingly light chocolate cake with silky coconut buttercream. A two layered cake with generous layers of coconut buttercream and sprinkled with dried coconut flakes. A decadent old fashioned dessert.

Coerthas Fruit Tarts
A tray of five mini tarts. A buttery tart shell filled with light custard cream and topped with blood currant, rolanberries and sweetened O'Ghomoro berries.

Ishgardian Hot Chocolate
A decadent take on a simple cup of hot chocolate. Made popular in the City-State of Ishgard, because of the much colder climate, it can come as a simply sweet end to a meal. Made with a special glazenut and chocolate mixture, topped with marshmallows, chocolate shavings and chocolate glazenut sauce.

Frozen Custard Doughnut Cone
Frozen custard filled doughnut cones. Made fresh daily. Flavors comes in Custard, Rolanberry, Chocolate, Glazenut, and Lemon. Doughnut cones come in Plain, Cinnamon & Sugar, Chocolate, and Confetti Sugar Sprinkles.



  • Rolanberry Juice

  • Sweet Plum Juice

  • Orange Juice

  • Grape Juice

  • Pineapple Juice

  • Apricot Juice

  • Mixed Citrus

  • Coconut Juice/Milk

  • Ishgardian Black Tea

  • Doman Matcha Tea

  • Coffee/Espresso/Latte (*Includes Sugar Cubes, Cream)

  • Milk (Can be made into Steamed Milk)

  • Chocolate Milk (Can be made into Hot Chocolate)

  • Water (Contains Lemon Slices)


  • Coerthas Gin & Tonic

  • Vodka

  • Hingan Sakura Sake

  • Shroud Bourbon/Brandy

  • Whiskey

  • Ishgardian Scotch

  • Lominsan Red Rum

  • Gridanian Honey Ale

  • La Noscea Stout

  • Mulled Wine

  • Thanalan Arak

  • Sweet Palm Wine

  • House-brewed Moonshine (Pixie Plum, Rolanberry, Mixed Berry)

  • House-brewed Double Chocolate Stout

Specialty Drinks

Blushing Ishgardian
"It happened one chilly coerthas eve..."
Vodka, Blood Currant, Orange Liqueur, Citrus Juice

"Blood on the sands from war or a drunken night? Who knows."
Blood Currant, Gin & Tonic

Firey Sunset
"The horizon is no more beautiful than awashed in its own flame..."
Blood Currant, Orange, Bourbon, Simple Syrup

Cloudy Morning
"Sometimes even the sun wishes to sleep in..."
Pineapple Juice, Coconut Milk, Champagne, Simple Syrup

Red Bomb
"I've got a story for ye...'bout a certain Hrothgar close to me heart."
Rolanberry, Valfruit, Citrus Juice, Mint, Rum

"A fate I would not wish upon anyone, save for the fool who goes alone in the frozen night."
O'Ghomoro Berries, Mint, Coconut Vodka, Pineapple Juice

Blue Lominsan
"There is no better all blue than the waters of Limsa Lominsa."
Rum, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream, Blood Currant, Blue Orange Liqueur

Dark & Stormy
"Storms 'appen everywhere. But there is no storm greater than out in open ocean."
Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Cream

Pirate Coffee
"A nice boot to get you up in the morning!"
Whiskey or Coffee Liqueur, Espresso/Coffee, Cream, Nutmeg, Simple Syrup

The Golden Coin
A mysterious and secret concoction brewed by the Owner of the Sea Dog's Sway himself. a Deceptively crisp golden liquid, that seems to teeter between liquid and syrup. It coats the mouth with floral undertones and rose-like aftertaste. Careful of this alluring brew, like a Siren't Song it may enthrall you. Before long, this Golden Mistress will have you wrapped in her golden wings and sway you to a silent lullaby.

[(Drink Challenge!)]
First shot threshold is 200 - 399. Second, 400 - 599. Third, 600 - 799. Final, 800 - 999. If you are able to roll double of the first threshold, you gain advantage on the next attempt. Failing the first threshold has your character at an automatic 'Drunk' state.


The Dragonhead Curry Challenge
A blend of Thavnairian-Doman Fusion Hundred Spice Curry, with a choice of topping. One whole pot, three scoops of steamed rice. Time starts when plate touches the table.
Prize: Your table’s meals are on the House for the day and your next meal at the Sway is free. Portrait placed on the Wall of Fame.

Firecracker Noodle Challenge
Hingan Secret Melt-Your-Face-Off Ramen bowl. Choice of toppings, red hot broth, red chili paste, Housemade miso and wheat noodles. No time limit. Endure the pain.
Prize: Your table’s meals are on the House for the day, your next 2 meals at the Sway are free. Portrait placed on the Wall of Fame and a Heat Sway Commemorative Pin.

U.S.S. Food Wreck
A literal boat load of food. Table Challenge! Raw Salmon, Tuna, and Shark meat, sushi rolls. All items included in the Shell and Fried Platter. Time starts when the USS Food Wreck touches the table.
Prize: All participants of the challenge meals are on the House for the day and also the next three visits to the Sway. Novelty Tricorne Captain’s Hat.

Word From the Owner

"This tavern is my pride and joy. It was always a dream of mine to run one and feed any and all who enter through my doors. All are welcome. Only rule I have is that there be no fighting in my tavern. We're all here to eat and be merry. Keep it that way! Thank you for coming by and it was my pleasure to cook for you."